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Terrorist threat in Germany: US speculation surrounding travel warning – foreign policy

Big confusion about a German warning from the US!

Stimulates speculation: a Tweet A U.S. State Department office. It says: “Travel Advice: Level 4 – Do not travel to Germany due to Govit-19. Alert increased in Germany due to terrorism. “

Background: Due to the epidemic, the United States has tightened travel advice for dozens of countries. For other EU countries, such as Germany and France, the highest alert level is in effect this week.

︎ But when warning Germany, the US State Department is particularly said to be a terrorist threat.

At the request of one user, the authority even stated: “Terrorist groups are still planning possible attacks in Germany. Terrorist attacks can be carried out against tourist sites, markets / shopping centers, local institutions and other public places.

Roderick Keyswetter (57, CDU), a Puntestock member and foreign expert, was also surprised. Commented Under the tweet: “Strange! What evidence do you have?”

Does the US know about a possible attack?

Probably not! For the most part, this is just a failed tweet from the State Department.

Because the truth is: a brief reference to the terrorist threat is also available on the Ministry website for other European countries Italy And Denmark. But on Twitter, the ministry only mentioned the announcement for Germany.

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