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Tesla could plan "Robovan" for personal transportation

Tesla could plan “Robovan” for personal transportation

Elon Musk she has on Twitter He proposed launching a flexible truck. “Maybe Tesla should have a high score I look like Robovan Building for people and goods? She simply says.

for an answer Dogecoin inventor Shibitoshi NakamotoThat this idea would be great for a “camping trip” (a new term for camping), Musk has produced more ideas. The same is true for robofan retractable roof with Solar Panels to have. This should triple the surface area.

Early in 2019, concept sketched by Vanliver a cart Introduction, which was designed for Tesla. This was inspired by an advertisement Tesla semi trucks (I mentioned Futurezone).

New Tesla cars in the pipeline

At an event in April, Tesla announced new products for 2023, including a Autonomous futuristic robotics (More here). in “Second master planMusk announced, among other things, an electric truck. However, they want to wait until the corresponding batteries are produced in sufficient quantities, he writes electrical.

It remains to be seen if Robovan is just a passing idea from the Tesla boss, or whether the American automaker is actually working on such a project.

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