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Tesla plans to show Steam integration in its cars soon

Tesla plans to show Steam integration in its cars soon

Tesla has long been pursuing a plan to improve life on board its vehicles through gaming on large touch screens. Especially with regard to the ever more far-reaching Autopilot It is an electric vehicle manufacturer in the United States Passenger entertainment increasingly important. Tesla already has its own gaming platform called in-car entertainment platform Tesla Pass advanced. Several teams are working on improving it.

Preview of “Maybe” in August

However, the company is also in negotiations with the company valvesfor its own gaming network steam to integrate into his cars. as such Electrek ReportsThe implementation of this plan is now getting closer and closer. When asked about it, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter that there will be one “probably next month”. first screening It should show how advanced Steam integration is.

Car console-like devices

In order to be able to play online games from Steam in Tesla, powerful computers are required. In the presentation of the new versions of the Model S and Model X, Tesla has already announced a new on-board gaming computer. This should be up to 10 teraflops of computing power It thus operates at a similar level to current game consoles, such as the Sony PlayStation 5.

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