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Tesla's chief AI specialist is leaving

Tesla’s chief AI specialist is leaving

eOne of the most important experts behind Tesla’s driver assistance system, Autopilot, left the electric vehicle manufacturer. Andrei Karpathi announced, Thursday evening, his desire to spend more time on technical work related to the development of artificial intelligence. Karpathy has worked since 2017 Tesla He was responsible, among other things, for the autopilot’s ability to recognize its surroundings.

Tesla is currently trying to adapt the autopilot system from relatively simple tasks such as maintaining lane and distance to work in cities with traffic lights, intersections and priority rules. As the videos from beta testers show, the software still makes some glaring mistakes that need to be corrected by the person behind the wheel.

Autopilot system training also involves people naming objects in the picture. Tesla recently fired some of its employees as a result of job cuts. US authorities are currently investigating the autopilot program after a series of incidents.

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