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Test for the Mars mission in Buerbach

Test for the Mars mission in Buerbach


On Saturday, the European Mars crew stopped in Buerbach (Griskirchen district) as part of a communale oö and carried out a training day. Next year, she will spend a month in Armenia to experience life on Mars.

Under the theme “The Universe. New Worlds”, the communale oö, the successor format of the State Fair, celebrates this year the 600th birthday of astronomer Georg von Bauerbach. On Saturday, in cooperation with the Austrian Space Forum (OeWF), six analog cosmonauts were The scientists are guests of the mission Amadee 24. Those interested can also attend their training day in Buerbach.

Mars crew in the “communale” in Buerbach

Astronomer Georg von Buerbach could have celebrated his 600th birthday this year. The current “municipality” in Buerbach, the new format of the State Fair, is dedicated to the occasion. On September 2, the European Mars crew including the spacesuit and robot stopped there. She wants to experience life on Mars for a month next year.

A four-week “Mars Journey” in Armenia

They will simulate an expedition to Mars in Armenia for a month. As part of this pilot test, the six astronauts will work in isolation in the so-called habitat for four weeks and conduct experiments. They are only allowed to leave the habitat in a typical space suit. This is how they test equipment and working methods. Future missions to the Red Planet should take advantage of this. To walk on the red planet at minus 68 degrees, you need a suit that takes about three hours to put on.

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20 to 30 years until departure

According to astrophysicist Gernot Gromer, Director of the OeWF, it is assumed that the first manned expedition to Mars can be expected within a time horizon of 20 to 30 years. “But this also means that the person who will take the first step on Mars has already been born.”