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The 2010 Vettel World Cup was "a far cry from the intensity" it was in 2021

The 2010 Vettel World Cup was “a far cry from the intensity” it was in 2021

( — After Max Verstappen crossed the finish line in Abu Dhabi, the chants on the pit wall at Red Bull knew no bounds. At the end of a nerve-wracking season, the team celebrated a world title that the Dutchman almost lost. Perhaps this sentiment was present with the first victory in 2010, when Sebastian Vettel surprisingly won.

Max Verstappen celebrates his world title with Red Bulls Helmut Marko


But although it was the first title at the time, and Vettel was not a one-time leader in the overall standings, according to Red Bull motorsports advisor Helmut Marko, “Not that hard, this duel is by any means,” as it was this year.

Eleven years ago, before the last race in Abu Dhabi, four drivers managed to become world champions – including the two Red Bull drivers. However, Ferrari’s favorite was Fernando Alonso, who started the weekend by a narrow margin, but then got stuck behind Renault’s Vitali Pietro, thus enabling Vettel to win the title.

“But the feelings are different,” says Marco Em. Full interview can be watched on YouTube channel. Because at that time there was no great rivalry and a tough battle like this year, when Mercedes’ long dominance was finally broken.

“We started this race with more tension and nervousness because we now know that Abu Dhabi was in a state of ups or downs,” the Austrian said.

“And for that reason, this title is a lot tougher, also in terms of battle this season. In terms of satisfaction as well, it’s Red Bull Racing’s greatest sporting result so far,” Marko confirms.

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