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The 2nd generation Google Nest Doorbell has been released in the US

Google’s SmartHome standard called Nest offers integration with two different smart doorbells with a camera in Germany. The 2nd generation of the wired version of the smart doorbell is now available in the US. It has some improvements across the board.

The Google Nest Dorbell 2nd Gen Wired is available in the US

Many manufacturers offer various smart devices for the home. Among other things, it is popular to replace the doorbell of the house with a smart doorbell. These often appear with a camera so that one can interact with people standing in front of the house or collect video material.

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Google has launched two different smart doorbells in Germany, which are a bit different. One is battery operated and the other is corded.

The 2nd generation Google Nest doorbell (wired) is now available in the US. It does not differ in shape and appearance from the battery in Germany. However, the 2nd generation has become a little smaller and its features have also been significantly improved.

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America’s newest doorbell can do just that

It should be clear to everyone that the 2nd generation Google Nest doorbell is constantly powered by its cable connection and you don’t have to worry about an empty battery. An integrated camera invites you to interact with the visitor standing in front of the door. Various events can also be recorded for up to three hours. If you want ten days of continuous recording, you’ll need a Nest subscription, which costs five euros a month.

The new generation is designed to work more easily with the Google Home app. Procedures can be created, for example, to activate a light in the entrance area when the doorbell is detected or pressed. In the future, the camera will be accessible via the Internet. A new doorbell can be purchased in the US for around US$180. It is not yet clear when it will appear in Germany.

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