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The “Advertising Master” also travels in Bavaria – Bavaria

The “Advertising Master” also travels in Bavaria – Bavaria

The question that is often asked now on social media is easy to answer, but difficult to implement: Can you also report cyclists who behave in a traffic violation? The answer: a resounding yes. But it's not as easy as with illegally parked cars, for example. If a cyclist driving on the wrong side speeds past you, children can politely ask if they can give their name and address so a similar report can be made to the police. It is not possible to photograph the license plate.

Telling cyclists wouldn't occur to the self-proclaimed advertising executive, since he's been cycling around the country for some time, apparently with the goal of reporting an illegally parked car in every city. But that is precisely why he will now create a desire for revenge among passionate bikers, which will not only be limited to him, but also to all German German bikes. The so-called advertising master has had an impressive online career since being discovered by Spiegel TV, and it appears he is currently based in Bavaria.

This can be seen, among other things, from the fact that he was riding his bike in Kofburen a few days ago, wearing high-visibility yellow clothing and inscribed “Polizfi” on the front of the bike. The young man reported an illegal situation via the road app, which is clearly not something a woman in Kaufbeuren wants to leave. There is a video that has been viewed several times, in which you can see the woman categorically asking the cycling avenger to delete the photo of an illegally parked car. When he refuses, she reaches for his cell phone – the advertising executive falls theatrically to the floor.

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Now there are complaints against the woman, but at least she does not have to worry about defending herself: as various media outlets reported, a lawyer wants to represent her legally for free. There wouldn't be much to be gained from advertising anyway, as the advertiser would still need a lot of acting lessons, but that would likely be resolved quickly. Meanwhile, interested media have a rumor that the so-called master of advertising is an artificial product of the artist Stefan Rapp. The man, who clearly doesn't like parking illegally, flatly denies it.