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The American Song Contest did not begin until 2022

Geneva. The Eurovision Song Contest will receive a release in the United States, but only in 2022, not already by the end of 2021. The Geneva-based European Broadcasting Union (EBU), a suburb of ESC in Rotterdam, has been claiming the rights to defend the American song contest since it was announced on television. Last summer it was said that the American song contest might be on screen as early as the 2021 Christmas season.

Individual artists, duets or bands of up to six members may compete

The Eurovision Song Contest has been in the US for many years. In 2016, the cable broadcast logo aired the ESC final for the first time. American stars Justin Timberlake (2016 in Stockholm) and Madonna (heard in Tel Aviv 2019) had their Eurovision moments as break stars – so-called break moves. In 2021, American rapper Flo Rita took part in San Marino – along with singer Sen. He finished 22nd out of 26 in the final on Sunday night. Germany is final. Italy won.


Rock band wins with Meneskin: Italy wins Eurovision song contest

It was only the third Eurovision Song Contest victory for Italy. The winning band is called Meneskin and the song “Giti e Pooni”. © Reuters

In the American Song Contest, 50 states, suburbs, and the capital, Washington, each must submit an action in the race, as announced by “Eurovision.te”. States can select individual artists, duets or bands of up to six members. The American Song Contest is set to take place over three rounds. A qualifying round is followed by the semi-finals and then the final.

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The organizers of the Eurovision Song Contest have been working on global editions for many years. The Eurovision Asia Song Contest has also been in development for some time.