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The app creates over 90 websites using ChatGPT

The app creates over 90 websites using ChatGPT

Netscape Navigator was one of the most popular web browsers in 1996.

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Lots of things used to be better, but websites are definitely not one of them. If you still want to immerse yourself in ’90s web design, you can Web98 demo app to use. Thanks to artificial intelligence, this creates 90’s style websites with the push of a button.

The app, which is still in beta, is developed by New York developer Nate Parrott. And this is how it works: Users enter a URL – whether it exists, existed before, or was dummy – and the application commissions ChatGPT, which is a matching website in “Style of the year 1996To create or to create.

Chatbot generates HTML code

The chatbot generates proper HTML code and voilà, a website from a time when the World Wide Web was still in its infancy. No wonder then that sites by cartoonDifferent lines and questionable Color decisions are just like that with a blast

Web98 is still a fun project and in beta, but you can check it out github download. The prerequisites for use are TestFlight application testing software and a separate OpenAI API key, which must be purchased from the ChatGPT developer.


If that’s too much of an effort, you can also take a look at some examples on Parrott’s Twitter profile.