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The appearance of tired wolves in the impregnable castle of Fehervár – ICEHL

The appearance of tired wolves in the impregnable castle of Fehervár – ICEHL

Rick Scofield and company go home empty-handed. © Sus Attila

HC Pustertal failed to show up for the first time in the ICE Hockey League quarterfinal series against Fehervár. Wolves were forced to let the hosts go first on Monday in Hungary again – especially as there were so many errors in defence.

Since Wolves joined ICE, they have played eleven matches in Fehervár. Poor balance: ten defeats and only one win. On Monday evening, the Black and Yellows were unable to improve on this and lost 3:5. This means that Rick Schofield & Co. She could no longer afford any mistakes in the best-of-seven series. Within 48 hours, it's win or fly into Intercable Arena.

Before the match there was great interest in how coach Kasper Vuorinen dealt with Dan Catenacci, who was responsible for the recent defeat in Hungary and was returning after a suspension. Finn opted for a supporting role on the fourth line. The goal was once again guarded by Jacob Smith, who made some tough saves but also made it 0-2 with a bold walk. But the reason for the defeat was different: the unlucky Wyatt Ege & Co. had given their opponents more freedom than in the last two matches they had won. Again and again the Hungarians appeared unchallenged before Smith. The necessary solidity in front of their goal, the final result needed in the qualifiers, was missing.

Wolves fans who traveled with us in Fehervár.

The 0:1 score with 15 seconds left in the first third proved groundbreaking. Up to this point, the Wolves have had a slight home field advantage. Wolves fans traveling with us witnessed the second decisive moment midway through the match when Fehervár scored twice in the space of 54 seconds. And then, the South Tyroleans simply did not have the strength to make up this deficit – even if it reached 3:5. The series now goes back to Bruneck, with Fehervar getting the first puck of the match. On the other hand, HCB Südtirol Alperia reached the semi-finals thanks to a 2-1 win over Villach.

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Delayed shock Wolves had more of the game in the opening period, but fell behind 15 seconds before the siren: off a rebound, White Egg tried to clear the ball, but instead hit Istvan Bartalis' knee pads and saw the ball roll into the goal.
Target and answer are prohibited A slapstick performance makes it 2-0. Smith tries to play the hard rubber along the plexiglass, but is taken off his feet by a sliding Ege, leaving Tim McGauley with the empty goal in front of him. A little later, Joel Messner takes advantage of the money offered by goalkeeper Olivier Roy.
A fatal double blow Fehervar increased to 4:1 within 54 seconds. First Bartales fires a shot into the corner, then Messner and Ryan Stanton are unable to get the ball out of the danger zone. Balint Magosi thanks him and makes the score 4-1.
That's it On the power play, Smith's vision is cleverly blocked, and McGauley takes his measure and gives the Italian-Canadian the advantage with a precise shot at the near post. On the other hand, David Morley still achieved cosmetic results after two great passes from Akesson.

AV Fehervar – HC Pustertal 5:3

AVS: Roy (Horvath); Fournier Campbell, Stepsitz Nelson, Robertson Phillips, Roland Case-Songhor Ambros; Majosi-Harri-Koralt, Levins-McGauley-Laberge, Atkinson-Bartalis-Mihalyi, Gerjo Ambros-Nemeth-Terbock.
trainer: David Case

Health care provider: Smith (Bernard); Stanton Messner, Kasastul Ege, Jalira Atwal, Althobar; Morley Schofield Åkesson, Andergassen Fryklund-Bétain, DeLuca Sell-Mantinger, Catenacci Berger Hassler.
trainer: Vorinin

Portals: 1:0 Stipicic (19.45), 2:0 McGauley (21.13), 2:1 Messner (24.33), 3:1 Bartalis (32.10), 4:1 Magosi (33.04), 5:1 McGauley (49.15), 5: 2 Morley (52.41), 5-3 Morley (57.12)

Viewers: 2576

Status in series: 3:2

Ice Hockey League, Game 5:

Klagenfurt – Pioneers Vorarlberg 1:6
Goals: 0:1 Mayer (8.45), 0:2 Maver (31.08), 0:3 Odin (32.26), 0:4 Uri (36.38), 0:5 Pastujov (37.48), 1:5 Bischofberger (47.25). 1:6 Macerzynski (53.22)
Viewers: 4393
Ranking in series: 3:2

Red Bull Salzburg – Black Wings Lanes 5:1
Goals: 1:0 Burke (4.07), 2:0 Mayer (11.06), 3:0 Nisner (26.42), 4:0 Mario Huber (36.12), 4:1 Saint-Amant (44.54), 5:1 Mario Huber ( 45.21)
Audience: 3003
Final score in the series: 4:1

HC Weight – Filascher SV 2:1
Goals: 1:0 McClure (10.25), 1:1 Maxa (28.14), 2:1 Thomas (31.02)
Viewers: 3070
Final score in the series: 4:1