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The Atlanta Braves won their first MLB titles in 26 years

The Atlanta Braves won their first MLB titles in 26 years

The Braves won 4-2 over top candidate Houston Astros in the final series.

The Atlanta Braves won the World Championship in Major League Baseball against the Houston Astros. By winning 7-0 on Tuesday night in Houston, they sealed the “best of seven” final series 4-2 and celebrated their fourth MLB title in their history. They last won the world championship in 1995.

Honored as the Most Valuable Player of the Final Series, Jorge Soler brought the Braves, who started as underdogs at the World Championships, 3-0 with a groundbreaking in the third game. Three more points in the fifth half was the initial decision in the meeting, which turned into an unexpected disaster for the hosts.

I don’t have words. That’s it. That’s all I’ve worked for. We are world champions. That sounds great,” said Freddy Freeman, who has played with the Braves for twelve years and is the face of the team. “We’ve had injuries this year, we’ve hit every hole we can, and now we’re the world champions. That’s great.”

The Braves struggled hard on Sunday when they could have done everything perfectly in their last home game and celebrate in front of their home fans. She also got off to a good start with a 4-0 lead in the first half. But the home team got away with it and ended up with a bitter 5:9.

The home game advantage brought the Astros as little as they did at the start of the World Series, when the Braves caused a surprise with a 6-2 win in Houston.

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Astros, enemy of many fans

The Texans now have to wait for a second title in five years despite their third World Championship participation. The first was in 2017 – which is very controversial. Despite proven fraud – the Astros spied on opponents’ signals and thus also gained an advantage in the final series against the Los Angeles Dodgers – they were allowed to retain the championship. However, with opposing fans, the Astros have since become highly unpopular, and trash cans are often a sign of disapproval. It could be trash because Astros pass on information about spying by knocking on trash. Most of the fans of the other teams were in favor of the brave in the world championship.

Strictly speaking, this is only the second championship for the Atlanta Braves – for the 1957 title, Milwaukee was the team’s home, and in 1914 the Braves were on their home ground in Boston. But none of that played on Tuesdays in Houston and with fans at home in Atlanta—after all, the stars have been rooting there since 1966—is irrelevant.