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The Belarusian Nobel Peace Prize winner faces 12 years in prison

According to an NGO, human rights activist Bialiatsky faces up to twelve years in prison. He has been in jail since July 2021.

According to a non-governmental organization, Nobel Peace Prize winner Alice Bialiatsky, who is imprisoned in Belarus, faces up to twelve years in prison. Bialiatsky’s organization, Vyazna, said on Monday that he and several other activists are accused of smuggling money into Belarus to fund opposition groups. According to Viazna, they face “seven to twelve years in prison”. No trial date has been set yet.

The case is considered a retaliatory measure by the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko It was seen, who has been in power in the country since 1994 and is an ally of Russia. Lukashenko opposes any form of criticism, especially since the major protest movement that followed the summer 2020 elections. Lukashenko declared his victory in the elections, which the West considered fraudulent.

Bialiatsky was in that year Nobel Peace Prize for his work in the field of human rights jointly with the Russian organization Memorial and the Ukrainian human rights organization Center for Civil Liberties Receipt. Belarus criticized the award, describing it as a “politicized decision”.

Detained for more than a year

Bialiatsky has been in prison for several years for his fight against persecution – he’s been in jail since July 2021. He was originally charged with tax evasion.

Founded in Belarus in 1996, the Vyazna Group is the most well-known human rights group in the country. She started her work by supporting inmates and their families.

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