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“The Big Chance – Let's Sing and Dance” on ORF 1: Five additional tickets given away for the semi-final shows

“The Big Chance – Let's Sing and Dance” on ORF 1: Five additional tickets given away for the semi-final shows

Five more acts reach the semi-final shows! In the fifth edition of “The Big Chance – Let's Sing and Dance” on Friday, April 12, 2024 at 8:15 pm on ORF1, 25 acts showed their skills. The jury – this time composed of Josh and Maria Angelini Santner and Cesar Sampson – sent five of them to the next round: “Heart Bell” went straight to the live performances of singer Emma (César Sampson). From Burgenland, singer Donna Engel (Josh) from Carinthia and the truly unique dance group (Maria Angelini Santner) from Vienna. The jury awarded the remaining two semi-final places to singer James Park from Vienna and dance group Juniors Dance Academy from Vienna, who advanced to the semi-finals at the end of the broadcast.

The Big Chance wants to tap into a multitude of talents again on Friday, April 19 at 8:15 p.m., when Fanny Stapf and Andy Knoll welcome 21 acts to the DGC Big Stage. A three-person jury will award the final five tickets to the live semi-final shows, which can be watched on ORF1 from April 26.

Follow “The Big Chance – Let’s Sing and Dance” online

Fans can also follow the performance of the nominees online and who can benefit from the “Big Opportunity”: Live broadcasts of all programs are available on ORF TVthek. Videos uploaded upon request ORF run And in ORF TV libraryapp as part of its track – all episodes will remain online for six months after they air on TV, and there will also be exclusive video material from the nominees. Current stories, background information about potential singing and dancing stars, notable judges and the shows themselves are available, for example. as part of the editorial focus. also ORF information texts He provides current information on “The Big Opportunity – Let's Sing and Dance” in his TV magazine.

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Share page The online show expands on “The Big Chance” and provides the perfect accompaniment to an evening of television with new promotions, competitions and interactive elements. Fans can show their support for DGC's works with their own WhatsApp sticker packs, Instagram filters and smartphone wallpapers.

#ORFdgc: There is a lot of information about the show and the candidates on ORF's social media accounts. In addition to ORF's Facebook pages (@ORF and @ORF1), ORF's Instagram accounts (@ORF and @echt.orf1) take a look at Austria's largest selection stage. Throughout the season, audiences will find highlights from the show as well as interviews and insights into training under the hashtag #ORFdgc.

All performances from the first six programs are broadcast in full from 8:15pm on the day of broadcast ORF run And in TVthekThe application is available.