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The billionaire apparently donated  million to Trump's campaign

The billionaire apparently donated $50 million to Trump's campaign

As of: Jun 21, 2024 2:46 pm

It is said to be the largest individual donation ever made to a US election campaign: a billionaire is giving $50 million to former President Trump's campaign, according to media reports. US President Biden has also received large donations.

Donald Trump can count on very generous supporters in his campaign. According to US media, businessman Timothy Mellon donated $50 million to support organization MAGA Inc. Mellon transferred the money directly the day after Trump was convicted in an investigation into the alleged payments, according to NBC News.

According to the New York Times, the individual donation is one of the largest amounts ever given to support candidates. Thanks to the billionaire's generous donation, MAGA Inc. At the end of May, it recorded 68 million US dollars (63.4 million euros), according to the newspaper.

Not much is known about Mellon. According to the Wall Street Journal, the 81-year-old heir to one of America's richest families lives alone in Wyoming. He has been a major supporter of conservative candidates and groups since the 2020 presidential election. He already supported Trump and independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. paid $25 million each to their lobbying groups.

Bloomberg spends 20 million on Biden

Because election campaigns in the United States cost a lot of money, candidates rely on generous supporters to win. Trump is expected to run for the Republican nomination in November against incumbent US President Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, Biden also collected donations for himself. According to the Washington Post, former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg recently gave a total of $20 million to organizations lobbying for Biden to help the Democratic re-election bid. “I stood behind Joe Biden in 2020 and am proud to do so again,” Bloomberg commented on the donation to the newspaper.

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French Gates: Can't be quiet this time

Biden can also count on the support of American philanthropist Melinda French Gates in his election campaign. The billionaire spoke clearly to the incumbent at online service X. “I've never supported a presidential candidate. But this year's election has had such a big impact on women and families that I can't stay silent this time,” wrote the ex-wife of Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Women are “concerned about the issues they face and are committed to protecting their safety, their health, their economic strength, and their ability to participate freely and fully in a functioning democracy.”

The contrast between Biden and former President Trump “couldn't be greater, and the stakes couldn't be higher.” He will vote for President Biden.

Abortion rights As an election campaign issue

At the end of May, the French Gates announced that he would donate one billion dollars to the advancement of women in the United States. In early June, she left $12.5 billion from the charity she founded with her ex-husband to her own philanthropy.

Through its core organization, French Cats supports, among others, the Center for Reproductive Rights, which supports access to contraception and the right to abortion.

Abortion rights will be one of the central election campaign issues. President Biden's Democrats are hoping to capitalize on popular dissatisfaction with Republican restrictions on abortion rights at the ballot box.