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The Boeing 787 is still causing problems

A US congressional committee wants to investigate potential regulatory failures due to ongoing problems with the Boeing 787’s long-range Dreamliner. The House Committee responsible for Transportation and Infrastructure announced, yesterday, that it has requested the Inspector General of the Ministry of Transportation to conduct an interview review.

Specifically, in light of persistent production deficiencies, the question is whether inspections and the strength of FAA personnel are sufficient to identify problems in Boeing’s manufacturing operations.

Launched about ten years ago as a futuristic long-range aircraft, the Dreamliner has long been a problem for Boeing. This year, the group had to temporarily halt deliveries due to various production problems and reduced production rate. A solution is still elusive.

The Wall Street Journal, citing informed sources, reported that Boeing has reduced production of the 787, which has already been reduced to only two machines per month, due to defects. This should delay the delivery even more. Boeing did not directly confirm this when asked.

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