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The Carinthian Ladies Lake Cup is in its third edition

The Carinthian Ladies Lake Cup is in its third edition

In parallel with the first ITF women's event in Warmbad Villach, a men's tournament is also being held this week.

The Women's Carinthian Lake Cup is now in its third edition, with three ITF W35 clay court events in Warmbad-Villach, Annanheim and Klagenfurt. On Sunday, the go-ahead was given with qualifying in the first leg of the Women's International Championship Series in Carinthia, this time also accompanied by the men's ITF M15 event at the Warmbad-Villach Sports Park.

Red-white-red duel Kostic vs. Rothensteiner

Four women from ÖTV are directly on the center court thanks to the wildcard: Arabella Köhler from Salzburg, player of the Austrian Billie Jean King Cup team, Tamara Kostic from Vienna, Lil Marlis Rothensteiner from Lower Austria, and Lili Tagger from East Tyrol, who in the last two weeks won the title. In two ITF J200 Youth Championships in Italy. The Austrian will certainly qualify for the round of 16, where he will face Kostic (ATP-675) and Rothensteiner (WTA-) in the first round. Kohler (WTA 891) will compete with fifth-seeded Ukrainian Valeria Strakhova (WTA 275) while 16-year-old Tagger will face Slovenian Nika Radisic (WTA 375). The main draw begins on Tuesday.

There were no red, white and red successes in qualifying: Sarah Kanduth (WTA -), Nikola Kolaric (WTA -), Ines Faltinger (WTA -), Leonie Rable (WTA -), Claudia Gasparovic (WTA -), last week racked up three WTA points as she entered the quarterfinals in Nova Gorica (ITF W15), Stephanie Auer (WTA 1122) and Laura Pastryk (WTA -) all lost in the first round. However, the local representatives have always had to deal with opponents with international experience between the 456th and 780th WTA rankings – with the exception of Kanduth, who was actually up against a former world number 59. Paola Ormaecchia of Argentina (WTA 919), who was returning from a break, had to compete. Rable and Auer at least managed to win sets against the top 600 players.

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There was also an internal confrontation on the men's channel ÖTV

In the men's event held at the same time, only Matthias Ujvari (ATP 959) qualified directly for the main draw, and the four wildcards went to Pete Louis Pinter (ATP -), Gregor Ramskogler (ATP 1986), Tobias Smoliner (ATP). 1791) and Paul Weren (ATP 1359). Thanks to the first round duel between Pinter and Ramskogler, the ÖTV player has certainly reached the last 16 of the $15,000 tournament. By qualifying on Monday, five Austrians will also have a chance to get a ticket to the main draw.