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The Chinese Mars probe "Zhurong" is sending its first pictures

The Chinese Mars probe “Zhurong” is sending its first pictures

These are the first images that the Chinese “Zhurong” spacecraft has sent back to Earth. The moment of withdrawal is shown by the unmanned space probe orbiting the red planet.

This image shows the rover after landing on Mars.

The search robot has half a dozen scientific instruments, including cameras, magnetometers, ground penetrating radar, and a weather station. He should inspect the soil and atmosphere, looking for signs of life. The six-wheeler “Zhurong” is named after the Chinese fire god and is supposed to have been investigating for at least three months.

“Zhurong” landed on Mars at the weekend – China landed on the Red Planet for the first time. A milestone in Chinese aviation. The Chinese space agency in Beijing was very happy.

However, “Zhurong” is not the only technical device that humans have developed on the surface of Mars. The US space probe Perseverance landed on Mars in February. She even brought a flight attendant with her: The “Creativity” helicopter has already taken off several small flights on Mars – “Creativity” delivered its first photos in April.

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