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The comet with a diameter of 150 km is heading straight to Earth

The comet with a diameter of 150 km is heading straight to Earth

Comet 2014 UN271 with an incredible diameter of 150 kilometers is flying towards Earth. Scientists discovered the huge astronomical rock by chance.

Philadelphia – It was just a coincidence that American scientists Pedro Bernardinelli and Gary Bernstein made an amazing discovery. And instead of objects whose orbits extend beyond that of Neptune, they found a “giant comet”. The comet was first discovered between 2014 and 2018 as part of the “Dark Energy Survex” project. Since then, this amazing celestial body has retained astronomy* In breathing. In the next ten years, a comet could get astoundingly close to Earth, As reported by *. Is there a risk?

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Comet racing straight toward Earth: UN271 2014 has a diameter of 150 km

When Bernadinelli and Bernstein made the astonishing discovery of a “massive comet” in June 2021, their magic was colossal. The orb called 2014 UN271 with a diameter of up to 150 kilometers is unrivaled – and represents a real mystery in space. It was no coincidence that the “giant comet” enjoyed absolute priority among scientists very interested in simulating the asteroid.

As the results of the research published in the specialized journal “New Scientists” indicate, the discovered comet could be the largest object our solar system has ever encountered. This is not the first time that a “mega-comet” has haunted the solar system. According to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, the celestial body directed its orbit towards the solar system about 3.5 million years ago. Now it’s getting closer to Earth again – and closer than ever.

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Researchers surprise with “Mega Comet”: 2014 UN271 is a thousand times larger than an ordinary comet

In less than ten years the comet will be Earth and the sun* Be closer. The fact that the orb is twice as close as it was during its first close voyage across the Earth once again proves that Bernardinelli and Bernstein are on the path of a historical phenomenon. During their explorations, the comet left another 800 orbs in space* Disappears. According to the latest calculations, it should have a diameter of about 150 kilometers. Incredible size makes it appear so small compared to other comets. After all, the 2014 UN271 orb is a thousand times larger than a typical comet.

When the “massive comet” is at its peak in January 2031, it won’t take amateur astronomers much to experience the astronomical spectacle. As with that An asteroid is approaching Earth at a speed of 94,000 km / h*, It is enough to have a small telescope so that amateurs can also see comet 2014 UN271. Hopefully, like last time with Impressive Fallen Stars That Happened in August 2021*, the night sky will remain cloudless in January 2031.

In January 2031, a “massive comet” will get closer to Earth than ever before. (icon image)

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‘Massive comet’ will come closer to Earth in January 2031 than ever before – is there any danger?

Whether among amateur astronomers or scientists: one question remains: How dangerous is the arrival of a “huge comet” to the solar system on Earth? while the According to the latest calculations, the risk of the possible impact of the asteroid Apophis has been avoided*He, Research in Comet 2014 UN271 Unconfirmed: “It is usually a hopeless attempt to predict the behavior of comets in the future,” say the researchers. Because, like the asteroid Apophis, they often change course. * is a show of IPPEN.MEDIA.

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