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The Cresco nuclear power plant will be expanded on a large scale

The Cresco nuclear power plant will be expanded on a large scale


Slovenia’s Krsko nuclear power plant, less than 200 kilometers from the border, is set to be larger than planned. State energy company Gen Energija announced this to the STA news agency. Laws that have been changed or have yet to be changed would allow for a massive expansion of capabilities.

Slovenia has long been planning to build a new plant next to the existing Krsko nuclear power plant, which is located close to the seismic line. The production of this station will reach 1,100 megawatts and produce 9,000 gigawatt hours of electricity annually. This was approved two years ago.

Paravan: The demand for electricity is increasing dramatically

Dejan Paravan, Managing Director of Gen Energija, said on Friday that the demand for electricity is increasing significantly, as is interest from investors from countries neighboring Slovenia. The new plant should therefore be twice as large as planned, including two new reactor blocks. The company wants to make a final investment decision by 2028 at the latest.

The government in Slovenia is ready to speed up the project by introducing changes to the law. Prime Minister Robert Golub expects the second nuclear power plant to be operational in 2047, while energy company Gen Energija expects 2037 to be the start year. The concerns of Austria, and especially of Carinthia, will certainly not be diminished in light of these plans.