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The current screenshot function will be blocked soon

The current screenshot function will be blocked soon

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A new update to WhatsApp could improve user privacy. The change affects taking screenshots.

Munich – Data protection on WhatsApp is a frequently discussed topic. In March this year, the service was forced to introduce a new privacy policy due to a new regulation – but experts warned against it. WhatsApp is now planning a change that will increase the security of its photos.

WhatsApp plans to implement the change in the next update

It is up to each user's discretion which image they choose as their profile picture. Some prefer photos of animals or landscapes, while others upload a selfie of themselves to the app. This way, everyone can instantly know who owns the profile on WhatsApp. However, there is currently still a big problem with the selfie on WhatsApp: any other user can take a screenshot of it and download it.

This is especially problematic for those who use a very personal photo, for example, where the face is clearly visible. According to the portal WABetaininfo WhatsApp plans to block downloading. This functionality will be removed in one of the next updates. There was already speculation about such a function in February this year, including on the website has been reported.

An error message appears when trying to take a screenshot on WhatsApp

Currently, the user whose photo is being downloaded does not receive a notification. This shouldn't change either. Instead, loudly WABetaininfo An error message appears when you try to take a screenshot. This is intended to protect the privacy of all users and prevent misuse of their images.

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WhatsApp is regularly planning new functionalities and there will be a change soon in the screenshots. (Avatar) © Josep Soria/Imago

It is still unclear when exactly the update will appear with the corresponding change. It is also not yet known whether the change will apply to all users, regardless of whether they use the messaging service on Android or iOS. At the end of last year, Whatsapp introduced a change that means the important functionality for Android users is no longer available for free indefinitely.

There is another function for WhatsApp users that can be used to protect their image

Until the update is available, users can hide their profile picture and make it visible only to a narrow circle to protect themselves from misuse of their image. This can be set in the menu under Settings > Privacy > Profile Picture. A simple click is enough to disable the image view.

There has recently been a change in the WhatsApp application that should make it easier to communicate with other users. WhatsApp has introduced a QR code for this purposeThrough which the user can be found and contacted directly. Searching for individual messages has also been improved. (YH)