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The drink causes thousands of blooms

The drink causes thousands of blooms

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from: Andrea Stetner

For lush flowering, geraniums must be fertilized regularly. This also works without chemicals – with home remedies from the fridge.

Dortmund – geraniums (also called pelargoniums) are among the absolute classics among balcony flowers and indoors garden. Its lush blooms adorn every home in the summer, whether in the perennial or hanging version.

Geranium planting and care – Fertilizers are essential for many flowering

despite of Geraniums are actually useless to bees Some therefore advise against growing geraniums, and many amateur gardeners still rely on them. For geraniums to grow in full bloom and bloom as long as possible, the plants need a little support in the form of a fertilizer that provides them with the most important nutrients.

If you want to do without chemicals, you can take care of geraniums with natural home remedies. The good thing about it: Almost everyone has one of these in the fridge or in the kitchen.

Fertilize geraniums with home remedies: the syrup guarantees thousands of flowers

Milk is ideal for fertilizing geraniums because it contains plenty of calcium and other nutrients that benefit popular balcony flowers. To make a natural fertilizer for geraniums, simply mix one liter of milk with about three to four liters of water. This is used to water the flowers once a month.

Use Home Remedies for Fertility: Geraniums benefit from nutrients

Baker’s yeast is said to prolong the flowering period of geraniums and speed up bud development. And this is how you make a yeast fertilizer:

  • Dissolve 10 grams of dry yeast in 10 liters of water and add a pinch of sugar. Yeast loves sugar, which is why it enhances its effect.
  • Fertilize pelargonium with this mixture once a month in the spring when it starts flowering. In the summer you should use nitrogen fertilizers.
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Caring for geraniums or pelargoniums with banana peels – home remedies work wonders as a fertilizer

Not only bananas are full of vitamins and minerals. Their skin also contains important nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus, which is why they are ideal as a fertilizer for flowers. reports.

If geraniums receive the proper care, they will produce a veritable sea of ​​flowers. © imageBROKER / Katharina Held / Imago

Geraniums benefit above all from the calcium contained in tropical fruits and reward them with lush flowers. However, since banana peels contain little nitrogen, they are only suitable as an additional fertilizer for garden geraniums.

In order to avoid pesticides, which are often found in large quantities on the peel, to reach the potting soil, it is best to use organic bananas. And this is how you make banana peel fertilizer for plants:

  • You need about 7-8 banana peels for a fertilizer for geraniums.
  • Leave the shell to dry in the sun for 3 to 4 days.
  • Then process the dried banana peels in a blender into a fine powder.
  • Then mix 6-8 tablespoons of banana peel powder with 1 teaspoon of Epsom salt and 4 liters of water – you’re done.

The plants are now watered once every 3 weeks using a banana peel fertilizer. around To support the flowering joy of your geraniums in the spring, it must be cut and cut. It should also in the summer Muskrats need to be “cut” regularly to help them grow.