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The Earth had a “false moon” thousands of years ago

The Earth had a “false moon” thousands of years ago

At the beginning of the year, astronomers published “semi-moonorwrong moon“Discovered in orbit around the Earth. The satellite has been accompanying the Earth for a year 100 BC Will they be the ones to come? 1500 years Do.

2023 FW13 is actually orbiting the Sun

at this 2023 FW13 The aforementioned celestial body is an asteroid that does not actually exist in orbit around Earth. Only one diameter From 10 to 15 meters The big FW13 2023 is actually orbiting the Sun, but very close to Earth.

In fact, there have already been some encounters with celestial bodies in the past that researchers have been able to identify as quasi-moons. However, the 2023 FW13 is The longest existing satellitethat has been discovered so far.

Interesting space missions

Although 2023 FW13 is not trapped by Earth’s gravity, it is so close to Earth that it is also of interest for future space missions. The asteroid would be an excellent exercise for “deep space” missions because it’s just you few months needed to reach the orb.

The search for a second, near-Earth moon has been going on for decades, and in 2016 a quasi-satellite was found Kamo╩╗oalewa (2016 HO3) Discover. Like 2023 FW13, it orbits the Sun in a similar orbit to Earth. Accounts indicate that Kamo╩╗oalewa was known only as “fake moonThe Earth revolves around it.