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The end of support for Windows 10 is supposed to create a huge mountain of garbage

The end of support for Windows 10 is supposed to create a huge mountain of garbage

On October 14, 2025, the support will end Windows 10 hiring. This can result in approx 240 million computers It ends up in a landfill as e-waste, e.g Analysis company Canalys He is afraid. If all of these devices were laptops stacked on top of each other, they would form a pile up to 600 kilometers above the surface of the moon.

Many of the devices are still in good condition

Although most devices can be refurbished and resold, their outdated version of Windows significantly reduces their resale value. Realistically, a large proportion of it will end up in landfill – although it can still be used for many years.

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At the beginning of December, Microsoft announced that Extended security updates It will be available for Windows 10 by October 2028 – but for a currently unknown fee. This approach is not new; Microsoft has already offered paid expanded security updates for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. It expired in January 2023. The costs were $25 per pc for the first year and quadrupled in the third and final year $ 100 For each device.

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If Microsoft pursues a similar pricing strategy with Windows 10, many companies will be fine CheaperTo switch to newer Windows 11 devices. DrHe is an electrical appliance processor renovated He doesn't think much of Microsoft's move. “Microsoft's currently discussed end of support for Windows 10 is a perfect example of how – in the absence of a policy and legal framework – individual parties still have the power to create an incredible amount of (unnecessary) electronic waste in one fell swoop,” says the Refurbed founder. Peter Windschofer In a previous interview Opposite Al Mostaqbal area.

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Microsoft argues its move with the top protection For Windows 11. There are vulnerabilities in older hardware that cannot be easily secured with software.

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