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The entrepreneur must pay a fine of 121,000 euros »Ledersent

The entrepreneur must pay a fine of 121,000 euros »Ledersent

| Tobias Seyfried

| 06/08/2023

In Finland, the level of traffic violations depends on income – which now costs the manager dearly.

Radar penalties are generally annoying. However, in some countries, they can really get the money. A Finnish business owner was now feeling the effects. In the Nordic country, the amount of traffic fines depends on the income in the case of violations of more than 20 km / h. This must be very lavish for a manager.

After flashing at a speed of 82 km / h in the region of 50, he received a fine of 121,000 euros. According to a report in the local newspaper “Nea Åland”, the “rasser” is Anders Wikloff, who lives on the Finnish autonomous island of Åland.

Now, the 76-year-old has to pay one of the highest radar fines ever imposed in Europe. However, the entrepreneur must be able to afford 121,000 euros. Recently, his company has achieved annual sales of 350 million euros.

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