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The EU Commission is studying Meta's payment model

The EU Commission is studying Meta's payment model

The European Commission has announced an examination of the payment model of the American Internet company Meta, which has been criticized by consumer and data protection advocates.

The Brussels authority asked the parent company of Facebook and Instagram on Friday to explain in more detail how it intends to comply with European Union regulations for online advertising through its payment model. Meta has up to three weeks to respond to the message.

EU: No personalized advertising without consent

In November, the European Union data protection authority EDPB banned Meta Group from displaying personalized ads without users' explicit consent. Meta has responded to this with a paid subscription option for its platforms: users can pay a monthly fee of at least €9.99 if they no longer want to see ads on Facebook and Instagram. Only those who accept personalized advertising can continue to use the networks for free.

Definition: Subscription forms comply with European Union law

Critics accuse the group of undermining EU data protection regulations and effectively forcing users to disclose their data. Consumer protection organizations from a number of European Union countries filed official complaints against it.

Meta rejects these accusations, describing them as “unfounded.” He explained that the group's subscription concept is based on the case law of the European Court of Justice, which essentially approved these payment models last year.

EDPB is already dealing with this issue. The EU Commission has now also intervened under the Digital Services Act (DSA). The law gives the authority broad powers to take action against digital companies for data protection violations or spreading false information.

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