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The EU doesn't have Google or Netflix, but it does have high taxes

The EU doesn't have Google or Netflix, but it does have high taxes

It is often complained that Brussels is in the hands of powerful business lobbies. If this is true, they are doing a very bad job.

What do you think of the European Union election campaign? For my taste, things were too realistic. The European Union countries cannot be defended militarily without the help of the United States, but no one has a concrete vision of how to change this situation. The EU countries have lost control of their external borders, but no one has a plan to correct this. Europe's share of global economic output has more than halved since the 1980s, but no one has any idea how to slow the economic decline. Instead of devoting itself to solving these three major challenges, the European Union appears to be resigned to its fate without resistance. “America innovates, China repeats, and Europe organizes” is an old saying, but unfortunately true. While the companies of the future emerge in the United States and China, Commission staff in Brussels are patting each other on the back because the European Union has become the first economic region in the world to successfully regulate artificial intelligence.

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