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The European Union and the United States are forming an “Atlantic Front” against Russia

Europe and the United States are closing teams amid fears of Russian aggression against Ukraine. The European Foreign Service (EEAS) said after a telephone conversation last night that US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and EU Chief of Staff Joseph Borel were committed to “building a strong, clear and united Atlantic Ocean.” In it they pledged themselves to the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Blinken and Borrell talked about “preventive measures and current preparations for a strong international response that will have a strong effect on Russia in the event of further aggression against Ukraine.”

Washington and Brussels are open to dialogue with Russia, “but never at the expense of the freedom, sovereignty and liberty of members of the Atlantic community and their allies.” Borel and Blinken rejected Russia’s attempt to “rebuild spheres of influence in Europe.”

Russia has previously denied US allegations that Russian agents were planning a special operation in eastern Ukraine. The Russian embassy in Washington has reported that, as is often the case, sensational news is being spread by the United States without any basis. In the wake of the conflict between Russia and the West, the US government is exploring urgent plans with gas companies to supply gas to Europe, according to domestic sources.

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