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The European Union wants to participate in US-Russia consultations on Ukraine

The European Union wants to participate in US-Russia consultations on Ukraine

EU Foreign Representative Joseph Borel has urged the EU to take part in the January-scheduled talks between Russia and the United States on the Ukraine conflict and security guarantees for Moscow.

“As announced, if Moscow wants to talk about the security structure and security guarantees in Europe from January, it is not a matter for the US and Russia,” said Joseph Borrell, the EU’s foreign envoy to the Welt (Wednesday edition). Should be.

Representatives of the United States and Russia are scheduled to meet on January 10 to discuss the conflict in Ukraine. Talks between Russia and NATO are scheduled for two days later, and talks between Russia and OSCE are set to continue on January 13. Concerns about the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine have increased due to the deployment of Russian troops. Moscow, for its part, is seeking security guarantees from NATO.

“I will not accept it”

“We don’t want to be an uninvolved audience, whose heads are determined,” Borel stressed. He described Russia’s desire to negotiate a European defense structure without EU intervention. “We will not accept it. Nothing can be decided about us without us being there.

According to EU chief diplomat, the EU is considering a military exercise in Ukraine. The first preparations for this have already begun. “We are considering EU military advice and training in Ukraine,” Borel said.

In this EU Military Advisory and Training Mission in Ukraine, European military trainers will train the Chief of Staff of the Ukrainian Army. Borel announced that a proposal in this regard would be submitted to EU member states soon.

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