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The first ‘Made in China’ GPU that suffices 1080p in the entry-level range

Mor threadsWe have reported a lot about internal developments from China – be it in the field of processors or graphics cards. Until now, graphics cards have always been from manufacturers that were manufactured under license. An example is Innosilicon Fantasy One Series Graphics Cards. Chinese manufacturer Moore Thread, led by Jianzhong Zhang, former NVIDIA Vice President of China introduces. Now MTT S60 MTT S2000 graphics cards, which are entirely developed in China.

The specially developed Musa architecture forms the basis for two GPUs or graphics cards. Musa stands for Moore Thread Unified System Architecture. Cards have up to 4,096 shaders and up to 32 GB of graphics memory, although the number of shaders has no real significance for performance and memory expansion at this level can make more or less sense.

The initial performance of the MTT S60 with 2048 shaders is 6 TFLOPS and the card is primarily intended for desktop and workstation use. The GeForce GTX 1070 or Radeon RX 6500 XT also achieves about 6 TFLOPS. The MTT S2000 comes with 4,096 shaders to 12 TFLOPS. This model is for server use and is meant to do scientific calculations (PyTorch, Tensorflow, PaddlePaddle) there. In both cases, LPGDDR4X is used. The GPUs are manufactured in 12nm by SMIC, a Chinese foundry supplier.

Comparison of MTT cards
MTT S60 MTT S2000
GPU Manufacturing 12 nm 12 nm
shaders 2,048 4096
computing power 6 TFLOPS 12 TFLOPS
Graphics memory 8 GB LPGDDR4X 32 GB LPGDDR4X

According to the manufacturer, the performance of the MTT S60 should be enough to display League of Legends smoothly at 1080p. However, it is not known at which quality settings this was achieved. GPUs can run DirectX, Vulkan, OpenGL, and OpenGL ES. On the codec side, H.264 and AV1 are accelerated.

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The MTT S60 is a single-slot card that is supplied with fresh air via a flat radial fan. The MTT S2000 comes fanless on the card and is cooled by server airflow. An 8-pin connector can also be seen at the end. The PCI Express version of the GPU is not known.