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The first major update with these improvements – IMTEST

The first major update with these improvements – IMTEST

Windows 11 is receiving its first major update. In addition to the ability to use apps from the Amazon App Store, some tweaks have been made to the operating system’s taskbar.

Only for US users at the moment

The first update for Windows 11 was released. But the release has an advantage for European users: the OS update is initially only available in the USA. With the update, Microsoft is making good on its promise to ensure Android apps are supported. The selection of Android apps is much smaller in the first step. User can download and install apps only from Amazon App Store. Apps available in Playstore or on the smartphone can not be downloaded. If user feedback is positive, Microsoft would like to add more here.

Taskbar with most updates

The fairly little integration of some Android apps isn’t the only innovation. The taskbar is also being revised with the update. If the system is connected to other monitors, the time and date can now be seen in the other taskbars of the other monitors. Information about the weather can be displayed in a small window, also called a widget. Window size is adjustable. Another icon in the system tray lets you mute or arm your microphone in Teams calls. But the microphone operation is not only improved now. Screen sharing functionality within a team meeting should also be enabled with a click of the Share button icon.

Groove’s music is not well received

The text editor now has an improved search function. In addition, the typed text can be undone and redone many times. Besides updating the text editor, the media player replaces the Groove Music and Windows Media Player apps. The Media Player should support audio and video and better adapt to the design of Windows 11. In addition, according to Microsoft, there were, of course, many changes and fixes that did not appear directly. When will the update also be available for German users? Not clear! But this must certainly happen in the not too distant future.

The notebook open from the front shows the photo settings, and in the background is a blue stripe on a light background

If the picture is blurry or the sound is thin, you have to do it yourself with Windows 11. IMTEST reveals how it works best.