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BAFTA: Four awards for the road movie "Nomadland".

The first: multi-day delirium survey with thousands of participants

Authorities in the northern Italian city of Modena have cleared an illegal rave party with thousands of techno fans going on since Saturday. About 300 police approached the empty factory building in an abandoned site on the outskirts of the city this morning, as reported by several media outlets.

Live footage online showed crows removing technical equipment from the building and dismantling the tents. At the beginning of the peaceful evacuation, some of the usurpers reportedly holed up inside – at first they wanted to continue the partying.

According to the organizers, the Halloween party with more than 3,500 guests was supposed to continue until tomorrow, reports said. So the police convinced the revelers to cancel the event and also took away the personal details of hundreds of attendees.

“The good life is over”

Already at the weekend, the illegal rave caused discontent with the new right-wing government in Rome. So Interior Minister Matteo Bentidosi ordered the police operation. In Italy, big, illegal parties still make headlines. The ruling right-wing parties want to stop the celebrations and plan to talk about new rules in the cabinet. Right-wing Lega party leader and Transport Minister Matteo Salvini welcomed the eviction, saying “beautiful life is over” on Twitter.

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