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The first partner in the Regional Coaches Conference

The first partner in the Regional Coaches Conference

The first time happened last Saturday Corner Training Center is supported by VARTA the Partner in the Regional Coaches Conference instead of. Under the leadership of Academy Director Willie Guilt and project manager Bibi Janxy A total of 32 coaches from partner clubs SV Waidhofen/Thaya, SK Schärding, SC Melk and SC Liezen were guests and received exclusive insights into SK Rapid's coaching philosophy. Particular emphasis was placed on the age group U16 to U12 as well as U13 and U14. After an intense learning morning, the enthusiastic and curious participants could not miss a refreshing lunch in the canteen. Before starting the afternoon with a workshop delivered by two of our sports psychologists Simon Brandstatter And Anna cabbage Continuing, there was an observation of Rapid II's preparatory match against SKU Amstetten and a chat with Managing Director Steffen Hoffman At the point the program concluded the first trainers conference, Project Director Bibi Janskywho discussed with the partners how what they had learned could be integrated into the daily work on the clubs training ground and was available to answer any outstanding questions.

Project partners in the regions

like The most popular football club in Austria with 1.1 million fans, SK Rapid football is a lively affair and an experience full of emotions. But not all Rapid fans have the opportunity to travel to Hoteldorf regularly. For this reason, SK Rapid is now going straight to the regions to make the traditional green and white club tangible and tangible on site. The “Partners in the Regions” project focuses on selected partner football clubs in the federal states, which aim to benefit from the expertise of SK Rapid, especially in the youth sector. In addition to appropriate sports support, relationship strengthening activities are prepared in order to create the emotional bond with SK Rapid at an early age. The partner club can also look forward to joint activities (workshops, film screening training, invitations to a talent day, children's tours of the Allianz Stadium, etc.) and also receive support at events (raffles, giveaways, express scoring). The wall at the sports festival, etc.).

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