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The first patch provides a better gaming experience

The first patch provides a better gaming experience

from Tim Rantzau
The remake of System Shock, known among gaming fans as the ultimate classic shooter, has received its first major patch. Thus, developer Nightdive is improving the gaming experience and fixing major technical shortcomings and bugs.

On May 30, System Shock Remake was released on GOG and Steam. Among the game lovers, the game is a classic shooter. The release of the new version turned out to be a complete success for the developers, because when looking at the reviews on Valve’s online platform offerings, fans are mostly convinced of the new version. However, some players have complained about missing quality of life functions and various bugs. Developer Nightdive Studios is now making improvements and improving the gaming experience with the first patch since release.

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Perhaps the biggest problem was the bug that almost hindered progress in the cyberspace division in terms of maintenance. “Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting cyberspace with the maintenance level,” the published patch notes say. There are also some other crash fixes as well as many minor fixes and improvements.

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The main improvements to the patch are:

  • Improved grenade rolling behavior when thrown.
  • The audio log image no longer disappears in some cases.
  • Fixed device locking when saving and loading with puzzle focus.
  • Transmit Monitors can now be broken when attacked.
  • Destroyed vital tanks will not generate dangers after a short period of time.
  • The duplicate audio log in the flight deck has been removed
  • Enemy AI improvement
  • Added headbob option for accessibility settings
  • Added autosave after using the surgery machine on any difficulty.
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