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The first “Prowess” helicopter flight on Mars has been postponed again

The first helicopter flight over another planet, which has already been delayed several times, is supposed to take place tomorrow at the earliest. NASA announced yesterday. This attempt can also be delayed at short notice.

The first flight of the “Creativity” small helicopter, which landed on Mars on the “Persevering” rover in February, was pre-planned on April 11th, then postponed to April 14 due to technical problems and then postponed again.

She added that NASA engineers are currently working on finding a solution to the helicopter’s software problems. The helicopter, powered by Li-ion batteries, is basically ready-to-use and in good condition.

Difficult operation for 30 seconds of flight

1.8 kilograms of “creativity” (“creativity”) rises to a height of about three meters on its first test flight, hovers there for thirty seconds and then lands again on Mars. It will be the first flight of a plane to another planet.

The helicopter must challenge extreme conditions: on Mars it is cool to minus 90 degrees at night, the planet’s gravity is less and the atmosphere is much thinner.

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