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The French fire brigade rescued 391 kilos of women from their homes

In order to take the woman to a clinic, the fire brigade of France came up with 40 emergency services. It appears that she previously refused medical assistance.

In order to transport a woman weighing 391 kilograms from her home to a clinic, the fire brigade of France with 40 emergency services came and even broke down the walls. The American was taken from the village of Stenay, in eastern France, to a clinic in Nancy on Wednesday. As reported by France 3 broadcaster. An ambulance for overweight people borrowed from Belgium was used. The operation has been preparing for months.

The woman, who has been living in a village not far from the borders with Belgium and Luxembourg for about 20 years, had previously refused medical help, the radio reported.

The chief of staff of the Meuse Prefect, Bernard Burkel, said that an operation of this kind, with a high degree of complexity, had not taken place in France. A wall on the first floor of the house had to be demolished, and holes drilled in the roof. The patient was finally removed from the ground floor window of the old pottery. In addition to specialized firefighters, doctors and nurses were also on duty. Some roads in the area have been closed.


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