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The French set a world record in the home coach

The French set a world record in the home coach

eIn France, an extremist athlete cut his way from Paris to Mexico aboard his coach, thereby setting a new world record. After 23 days, Pascal Beach nearly crossed the finish line on Friday after covering a total of 10,477 kilometers at Fort de Nugent, near Paris.

During his standard drive, Pich rode his home coach every day from 6 am to 11 pm, only taking a quarter-hour break to eat. At night he slept next to his exercise machine.

The 57-year-old is a five-time world champion in triathlon, an endurance sport that combines swimming, cycling and long-distance running.

He doesn’t want to retire with his world record for long: from next year he wants to complete 100 Iron Man competitions in a row by completing ten Deca Ironman. Each Deca Ironman consists of 38 kilometers of swimming, 1,800 kilometers of cycling and 423 kilometers of running.

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