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The fully voiced modification of the classic RPG celebrates its release

The fully voiced modification of the classic RPG celebrates its release

The original Final Fantasy 7 is getting a full voiceover thanks to a new mod. The Community Project is already celebrating its launch today.

Dubbed the Echo-S 7, it’s available for download from Tsunamods’ website and adds custom sound for each scene, complete with automatic text boxes to “make scenes sound like a movie,” as the site puts it.

Final Fantasy 7: “The complete story of Final Fantasy 7 voiced”

“We brought together actors from around the world to record the complete story of Final Fantasy 7. Every main character, side character, and NPC; you name a character, it gets spoken — even the tutorials,” says the official. website By Tsunamods specifically.

“All NPCs are voiced by our community, so we have a wide range of accents and voices that make the game look realistic,” the developers continue. New lines of dialogue have been added to the FMV sequences and battles.

Although Final Fantasy fans, who have certainly given characters their own sonic interpretations in their imaginations, may initially have misgivings that these don’t match those of the moods. However, Echo-S 7 expands the classic role-playing game from 1997 with an exciting element that few gamers have been dreaming of for years.

More mods for Final Fantasy 8 and 9 and Crisis Core are in the works

In addition to the aforementioned Echo-S 7 mod for Final Fantasy 7, Tsunamods has other ambitious projects up its sleeve. For example, another mod called Echoes of the Planet is said to be in the works, which will add dynamic music to the game in addition to text boxes.

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In addition, there are other similar mods for Final Fantasy 8 And 9 Work in progress, as well as those that will add a 60fps mode to Final Fantasy 7, or the original PSP speakers to the recently released version Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion, which, of course, we tested extensively for youmust be brought.

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