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The G7 and the UN Human Rights Council will discuss Afghanistan next week

The G7 and the UN Human Rights Council will discuss Afghanistan next week

The airport in the capital, Kabul, is the last area not controlled by the Taliban. The foreign workers still in the country withdrew there. Many Afghans wanting to flee have also flocked there – desperately trying to board a plane from the country.

Chaotic scenes

In the past few days, chaotic scenes have surfaced at the airport. For example, a US Air Force plane took off there on Monday – surrounded by hundreds of civilians on the tarmac. Pictures of entry attempts spread all over the world. Today, Tuesday (local time), the US Air Force announced that “human remains” were discovered in the landing gear after landing in Qatar. The incident is now under investigation.

The United States has now sent several thousand soldiers to Kabul airport to ensure airport security and to organize the evacuation of, among others, Americans and former Afghan employees of the U.S. armed forces who want to flee for fear of reprisals. by the Taliban. The White House announced Tuesday evening (local time) that about 1,100 people were flown on US military planes during the day, and the US has evacuated about 3,200 people so far. In addition, there are approximately 2,000 Afghans who have been brought to the United States on special visas.

The German army also began the airlift to rescue the Germans and the Afghans. According to the Defense Ministry, 260 people had been transferred by Tuesday evening. The first embassy staff to be evacuated in Kabul have now returned to Germany.

Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg (ÖVP) has announced that a crisis team will be sent to Afghanistan to help the Austrians still there to leave the country. About 25 Austrians and about 20 Afghans have reported having valid residence permits in Austria in the past 72 hours and have requested assistance with their departure. Austria does not send its own plane because at the moment the problem is not the flight capacity, but the flight

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