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The German pavilion at the Dubai Expo is working with a company from the United Arab Emirates accused of this

The German pavilion at the Dubai Expo is working with a company from the United Arab Emirates accused of this

The German Pavilion, which will be one of the main attractions of the event, will showcase German innovations and solutions in the field of sustainability.

Koelnmesse, the company that manages the German pavilion, has signed a framework agreement with the Transguard Group in the UAE to provide security, cleaning and laundry services during the Dubai Expo.

In a press release, the London-based Business and Human Rights Resource Center (BHRRC) cited several reports alleging abuses by Transguard against migrant workers.

The group claims that prior to signing a contract with Transguard, Koelnmesse had not provided satisfactory evidence of human rights due diligence.

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights said that the Emirati company withheld the passports and wages of migrant workers who earn less than the minimum wage, imposed forced changes to contracts, deducted the end of service reward and issued termination of service without notice.

Inadequate personal protective equipment and tests were also reported to be offered to workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

“It is disturbing that while the German parliament is preparing to pass a law on human rights due diligence in its country, a German company abroad is refusing to specify the measures it has taken to protect the rights of migrant workers,” he told Isobel Archer. From the golf program. Manager at BHRRC.

“Koelnmesse decided to hire a company with a questionable human rights record, and its employees have repeatedly informed human rights NGOs, activists and the media about their appalling treatment. All companies are responsible for implementing comprehensive and targeted human rights due diligence when entering into contracts with business partners. Or service providers, and you must be prepared to disclose preventive measures to reduce violations.

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BHRRC published prof Message In October 2019, to highlight the risks to migrant workers in the United Arab Emirates.

The meeting urged clients such as the Dubai Expo and the German Pavilion to award contracts to companies that clearly adhere to workers’ rights and companies that offer and implement robust protections for workers and migrants, including against the many Transguard problems that workers are reported to.

About 190 countries are expected to attend Expo 2020 Dubai, which will be held in October 2021 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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