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The German U20 team was soundly defeated by Sweden

The German U20 team was soundly defeated by Sweden

Switzerland suffered a bitter 11-3 defeat against the USA on Thursday after a 3-0 loss against Slovakia on Wednesday despite a strong performance.

After a surprising opening win against Finland, Germany lost 0-5 to hosts Sweden.

Germany – Sweden 0:5 (0:1/0:1/0:3)

After a surprise win over Finland, Germany came back down to earth against hosts Sweden. The favorites from the Far North secured a clear 5-0 win against coach Tobias Abstreiter's team, who stayed in the game for a long time.

Matthias Bittner in goal was outstanding with 36 saves. Melkar Thelin celebrated the shutout with 15 saves. Sweden hasn't conceded a goal in two matches and has a goal difference of 11:0.

The Swedes, who dominated the game from the start, were outplayed early on. However, Germany played a well-organized defense and did not allow many high-quality chances. Additionally, Bittner was in a great position in goal and made the save that should have been made. He was able to shine, especially on the Swedes' power play. But he lost strength in the 16th minute. A mistake in the German defense, combined with a good forecheck by David Edstrom, put him in the slot for Otto Stenberg, who made it 1-0 with a perfect shot into the top corner.

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