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The head of Ford Germany suddenly switches to VW

The head of Ford Germany suddenly switches to VW

Martin Sander is also the European head of Ford's electrification division, and the 57-year-old came to the American automaker just two years ago from Volkswagen's Audi subsidiary.

In the midst of American automaker Ford's transformation into a provider of electric vehicles, an important manager is leaving the company. German President Martin Sander has decided to leave the company on June 12, Ford announced Thursday in Cologne. The 57-year-old is also the European head of Ford's electrification division, and came to the US automaker just two years ago from Volkswagen's Audi.

Sander moves to Wolfsburg, where he becomes Sales Director for the Volkswagen core brand. Volkswagen said it is gaining an experienced sales expert and a proven leader. Ford briefly and briefly thanked Sander “for his contribution to the development of Ford in Europe.” The American group did not provide any information about a possible successor.

Ford is phasing out its combustion engine business

Ford is in turmoil; The company is working to phase out its old business related to combustion engine vehicles. The company was late in its electrification efforts; Series production of the first Stromer, which Ford produces on a large scale in Europe, began only on Tuesday in Cologne. Sander did not participate in a press conference about the start of production “for personal reasons.”

In the cathedral city, where the European headquarters of the American group and a large factory with about 13 thousand employees are located, nearly two billion euros have been invested in order to put the site on the right path to deliver electricity. For the compact off-roader, Ford receives the so-called platform and battery pack from Volkswagen.

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Uncertainty in Ford's workforce

The news was poorly received by the workforce. “After this sudden change, there is a great state of uncertainty among the workforce,” Labor Council member Benjamin Gruschka told the German news agency. “The timing is absolutely wrong for Ford and its workforce.” Series production of the new electric car had just begun, so continuity in the executive lineup was important. “He's in charge of the electrical work.”

At Wolfsburg, Sander will replace Imelda Lappé, who turns 57 next week. According to the information, she will leave Volkswagen at her request as part of the age regulation. Lappé himself gave personal reasons on LinkedIn. She became head of sales for the core brand just two years ago. (APA/DPA)

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