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The head of Lavanttal has been in office for 60 years

The head of Lavanttal has been in office for 60 years

The Franzschach St. Gertraud Philatelic Society celebrates its 60th anniversary. Since its founding in 1964, the 45-member club has been headed by Chairman Otto Böhms. Over the past decades, the 89-year-old has repeatedly motivated members with his energy and positive nature and inspired them to participate in new events.

The primary experience of his passion occurred in his childhood. “At that time, I was allowed to reach into a shoebox full of stamps and pull out a handful,” the retired paper mill worker recalls. Since then, he has never given up his favorite stamps and everything that went with them. Establishing the club was the logical outcome. His companions were countless club evenings, exhibitions and private post offices: “In addition to his job and family, philately (philatelic studies) became an important additional goal in life,” says Poms, who was particularly fond of Reiner Block. Stamps from 1946 and the “Carinthian Referendum” series from 1950 take pride in them. “Patelicists are never bored, there is always something to do or something to look at,” says Lavantalier.


He also advises that trademarks should be handled and maintained carefully, because simply sticking a trademark using tweezers into a scrapbook and then looking at it with a magnifying glass is not enough. Brands also need ventilation here and there to maintain them. “Stamps are especially cool when you can look for them,” Poms continues. For him, stamp collecting is very educational and greatly expands his historical and geographical knowledge. He also maintained contacts throughout Europe at stamp exhibitions such as those held in London (1980) and Zurich (1984).

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At the next annual general meeting, Poms will relinquish his position as president of the company with a laughing and tearful eye. He advises his club members and especially his successor with a wink: “Please take care of the club.”