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The heavy snow storm that is falling in the northeastern part of the United States is plunged into confusion

The heavy snow storm that is falling in the northeastern part of the United States is plunged into confusion

A severe winter storm has hit the US Northeast since Monday. Many cities have been cut off from the outside world and many schools have had to close.

In New York and Boston, about 1,200 flights had to be canceled and 2,7000 were delayed. Most connections were canceled in New York. At its domestic airport, La Guardia, 43 percent of connections were canceled.


People were asked to leave their own cars at home and use public transport.

A 20-year-old man has died in Pennsylvania. Drove a snowmobile over a downed power line. Additionally, 150,000 people lost their power in this American state.

Thousands of students were forced to stay home in New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. Distance education was planned for them. However, it was canceled in many schools in New York due to technical issues: About 900,000 students in the New York metropolitan area were unable to register online to take digital lessons.

Heaviest snowfall in years

Severe weather warnings have been issued for about 50 million people. According to the US Weather Service NWS, this could be the heaviest snowstorm in two years.

Some areas, such as the town of Farmington, Connecticut, saw their heaviest snowfall in years. About 39 centimeters of fresh snow fell there. More than eight centimeters of fresh snow fell in New York's Central Park on Tuesday. It made Tuesday the snowiest day in New York since January 2022. Many places in the northeast of the country had up to 20 centimeters of fresh snow.

Skiing fun in the big city

While the blizzard caused hardship for many New Yorkers, others decided to enjoy the cold winter weather. Some strolled through the city's many parks while others skated.

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Snow was once a part of daily life in New York in the winter, but in recent years it has become increasingly rare. Extreme weather events occur frequently. For example, at Christmas 2022, New Yorkers were surprised by more than a meter of fresh snow. During that time, the storm claimed more than 40 lives.