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The highest organ of the UN: a critique of the Russian president of the Security Council

The highest organ of the UN: a critique of the Russian president of the Security Council

Status: 01.04.2023 5:16 pm

Russia has taken over the presidency of the UN’s most important body, the UN Security Council. Strong criticism has come from Ukraine. The US called on Russia to act professionally in this role.

With its clear criticism of Ukraine, Russia is at the UN. Ukrainian presidential chief of staff Andriy Yermak described it as a disgrace. Yermak wrote on Twitter that this is another blow to the rules-based system of international relations.

According to US broadcaster CNN, Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said Russia’s assumption of the presidency on April 1 was the worst April Fool’s joke and further proof that something is wrong with the international security architecture.

On Twitter, Kuleba also recalled that Russian President Vladimir Putin was wanted on an arrest warrant by the International Criminal Court. Kuleba wrote that with Russia on the Security Council, the world cannot be a safer place.

The presidency rotates monthly

The presidency of the Security Council rotates monthly in alphabetical order of member states. The Kremlin announced on Friday that it intends to exercise all its powers as a presidential government. This includes, inter alia, convening the Board’s own meetings. According to the British “Guardian”, Russia is planning three of them. Russia was last president in February 2022 – when it invaded Ukraine.

America calls for “professional conduct.”

Shortly before the presidency, the United States asked Russia to behave in a “professional” role – but apparently the opposite: “We expect that Russia will continue to use its seat in the Council to spread disinformation” and its actions, the White House spokesman said in Ukraine. “Unfortunately, Russia is a permanent member of the Security Council, and there is no viable international legal way to change it.”

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There is no way to stop Russia from taking over. Western members of the organization may reduce their representation on the council during a Russian presidency. But there will be no boycott.

At a council meeting on Friday, controversy arose when Putin announced that Belarus would deploy nuclear weapons. Even Russia’s ally China was unimpressed – but avoided overt criticism of Moscow.