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The ice hockey professional settled upside down in the United States

It was in early December that American player Avery Peterson made his debut in the highest German ice hockey league. The 26-year-old is signed by the newly promoted Bietigheim Steelers. But now he’s gone again – much to the surprise of the club near Stuttgart.

As the association writes in a message, those in charge found only his equipment, his car and the keys to his apartment. He is said to have booked the flight back to the US on his own initiative. The club’s announcement reads: “He’s just gone.”

Last week he said he could no longer play at his club and that he was unwell and wanted to go back to the United States. The American rejected medical tests, as did psychological support – he did not even ask his own address.

Directed by the International Hockey Federation

The influence of his agent seemed small, for shortly after his return to the United States, Peterson had already signed another contract with a new employer. Steelers writes: “We found out he has joined a team at ECHL.” He seems to have done this with the help of another agent unknown to anyone.

Steelers do not want this to sit on their own. Officials at the South German organization said: “Such fraudulent behavior has no place in the game. We are investigating legal action.” The International Hockey Federation has already been informed.

(Essential / Sven Forster)

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