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The image artist from Neufeld creates surreal moments and new worlds

The image artist from Neufeld creates surreal moments and new worlds

new fields. Those who pay close attention to the summer exhibition at Heim.Art station Lagerhaus, which is worth seeing, will also discover portraits of young artist Michaela Haider. She came into contact with art in this very place when she was an elementary school student and has now successfully gained a foothold in the world of photographic art.

For the 25-year-old from Neufeld, who studied chemistry in Graz and now lives in Berlin, it is a special experience to showcase her work as the artistic journey began – namely at the station in the old warehouse with Joachim Eckl. “Since contact with Joachim has played and continues to play a major role in my development as an artist, it is of course wonderful to be able to project images here. For me, this closes the first small circle of development: from my first contact with art, through infinite motives Her about art history and the art world, to creating my own works and then publicly showing them to the world,” says Michaela Haider, whose photographs have also been shown by Lea Niobe and have already shown them in Austria, Germany and Finland.

Part of Mozart’s digestion

At the time, when she was an elementary school student, she was part of the “Mozart Digging” campaign that Eckl organized with the Landestheater. The next contact came a few years later through one of my boards. “This mystery will never stop” was created by swinging above Bairachbach, below trains on the grounds of the Heim.Art station. “She and Joachim Eckl talked about this photo, helped out with the exhibition over the summer and took a lesson knowing some of the artists there.

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The love of photography has begun in VS Neufelden

Michaela recalls her first contacts with photography in elementary school in Neufelden: “We kept working on photographic projects and learned the first aspects of composition and technique.” to experience photography; Her first works were also created at that time. “The whole thing got made more in depth by my husband’s brother-in-law, who is also a photographer (Mark Mullberger, I finally found my own style through the inspiring work of other image artists, by working on techniques in photoshop and also by experimenting with them. Simply,” says the woman from Mühlviertel.

man and nature

What is reflected in all her works is the interaction between man and nature. The human form and aspects of nature are introduced into different relationships in each image and questions are raised in space. The viewer is asked to search for answers to these questions within him.” Michaela Haider creates surreal moments using her images: “I can build worlds that seem real through photographic elements. “What happened at that moment? What was the shape of the people and the environment? Capturing history, at least for a while, is something special.”

Big money makes money you don’t do it”

Berlin is a good place for Michaela. Much of this can be self-organized or made possible in small groups – even if it isn’t easy to make your own. “You don’t make a lot of money doing that, but it’s more about the freedom to be able to make art self-sustaining and that people have the opportunity to encounter the art they need at the moment. But having a good network is definitely important in order to be able to access these opportunities. Primarily,” the 25-year-old teaches. With her art, she wants to “act in a way that creates meaning”: “I hope that this or another person will find exactly the image he is looking for in his spiritual mood.” The artist’s goal is to develop candor in life and in art for survival.

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The exhibition can be seen at the Heim.Art station in Neufelden until the end of September, every Thursday to Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm.

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