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The International Automobile Federation rejects Red Bull's request!

The International Automobile Federation rejects Red Bull’s request!

( – The FIA ​​has rejected Red Bull’s request to re-evaluate the collision between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton at the 2021 Silverstone British Grand Prix, preventing a sharper penalty requested by Red Bull for Hamilton.

Red Bull is not hoping for a tougher penalty kick for Lewis Hamilton


Red Bull submitted a request to reassess the Silverstone crash last Friday, but could not convince the FIA ​​race hosts at Silverstone on the Thursday before the Hungarian Grand Prix (Formula 1 2021 live on tape) that there was enough new and relevant evidence there to reopen the case.

Representatives from Red Bull and Mercedes held a video conference with Silverstone Commissioners (Loic Bucklin, Eric Causel, Dennis Dean, Emmanuel Perrault and Nish Shetty) in Hungaroring at 4:00 pm local time to discuss the issue.

If Red Bull were able to provide new evidence, as declared by Helmut Marko, it would be “significant and relevant”, the race hosts could theoretically have come to a different decision based on the new evidence. Red Bull called for the race to be suspended. The subject is now off the table, and Hamilton can maintain his victory at Silverstone.

The session started at 4:00 pm. Mercedes sporting director Ron Meadows, first race engineer Andrew Shovlin and chief strategist James Fowles were represented. Red Bull by Team Principal Christian Horner, Head of Performance Engineering Ben Waterhouse and Athletic Director Jonathan Wheatley. Then there were the FIA ​​commissioners and race director Michael Massey.

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However, from the FIA’s point of view, the evidence presented by Red Bull was neither new nor significant nor relevant. It was a presentation of the crash course, fed with GPS data, slides on which comparisons were recorded with Hamilton’s subsequent maneuver against Charles Leclerc, and a representation of Hamilton’s first lap, organized by another driver (Alexander Albon).

FIA-PK: Verstappen attacks Mercedes!

Max Verstappen tackled in his first PK after Lewis Hamilton’s crash. He, in turn, refuses to answer an important question. More Formula 1 videos

In the afternoon, signs intensified that the decision could be negative for Red Bull. First, the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reports that the request will be rejected. Shortly thereafter Verstappens was seen with heads bowed in the ring at Hungaroring.

Max Verstappen now hopes that accidents like this will be treated differently in the future: “This needs to be investigated seriously. The best cars have such an advantage over the rest of the field that a ten-second penalty doesn’t matter much,” he said. Dutch.

Ahead of the 11th race of the season in Budapest, the 23-year-old is just eight points ahead of his top World Cup rivals. Red Bull leads only four points among the constructors.