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The International Court of Justice reviews the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories

The resolution was passed by a vote of 87 to 26. 53 countries abstained, including France.

the United nations.The General Assembly on Friday at the International Court of Justice (international justice Court) the task of examining the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. The resolution, which was passed by 87 votes to 26, demands the court in The Hague to determine the “legal consequences” of “continuing violations of the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination.”

The ICJ must also deal with Israeli actions aimed at “altering the demographic composition, character and status” of Jerusalem.

53 countries, including France, abstained from the vote. The United States, Britain and Germany voted against the resolution, while Russia and China supported it. Almost the entire Muslim world voted in favor of the resolution, including Arab countries that have recently normalized their relations with Israel.

Palestine’s ambassador to the United Nations, Riyad Mansour, saw the vote result as a signal for the new government headed by the Israeli prime minister. Benjamin Netanyahu regarding their efforts to “accelerate colonial and racist measures”.

Before the vote, Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan called the resolution “a moral stain on the United Nations”. Erdan said no international body can “decide that the Jewish people are occupied in their homeland.”

The resolution also states that Israel will stop building settlements. However, the resolutions of the UN General Assembly have no legal force.


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