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The iPhone 15 "Ultra" should come next year

The iPhone 15 “Ultra” should come next year

The iPhone 15 “Ultra” should come next year

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Apple did this recently this year iPhone 14 lineup Gifts And some surprises innovations Foot. There are already many rumors about it iPhone 15Which is scheduled to be launched in the fall of next year.

So it will be deep changes in matters the design And the furnishing Come. The recruitment and marketing associated with iPhones should also fundamentally change.

So it should be next year for the first time Ultra model from an Apple smartphone. This designation is supposed to be like this Replace Pro Max It heralds a stronger gradation between the Pro Max and Pro models. who – which Claims Apple specialist Mark Gorman.

Clearer gradation between devices

Currently, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max differ mainly in the diagonal of the screen. The launch of the iPhone 15 Ultra may mean that a file Differences between Pro . models It is highlighted more clearly.

So only the Ultra model can do it all Latest Features received, while the iPhone 15 Pro includes much less innovation. The 15-series regular iPhones will be one step below.

What do you expect from the iPhone 15?

With the Ultra model, the . file is new design find their way. After the look of iPhones has barely changed since 2020, it’s time to change the design again. It is still unclear what the new iPhones will look like.

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It’s fairly certain that the following iPhones will have one for the first time USB-C . port Receipt. On the one hand, this makes EU regulation necessary, on the other hand, the Lightning connector looks quite old compared to USB-C.

There is also talk of one Periscope camera, which should enable the new zoom in/out functionality. also about Face ID sensorsThere is speculation, and it is practically invisible under the display panel.